Classes for January 2024

All classes are via TELEHEALTH (similar to ZOOM)

To REGISTER, please email me at: with the subject line CLASSES.

TUITION of $750CAD is due in full on December 1st, 2023 OR your first of 4 payments of $199CAD is due with the next 3 payments due January 1st/February 1st/March 1st. Tuition may only be paid by credit card which I will set up in your account on my admin system once you register, or by Interac e-transfer in Canada. All tuition is non-refundable after December 1st/2023. If you choose to pay in 4 payments, all 4 are due and payable regardless of whether you drop out of the classes before March 1st. If you choose not to begin classes before January 1st AND ONLY if I can fill your spot before classes begin, then you may receive a refund of your tuition.


1. Jan 6
2. Jan 13
3. Jan 20
4. Jan 27
5. Feb 3
6. Feb 10   NO CLASS FEB 17 (Family Day weekend in Canada)
7. Feb 24
8. Mar 2
9. Mar 9
10. Mar 16

1. Jan 3
2. Jan 10
3. Jan 17
4. Jan 24
5. Jan 31
6. Feb 7. NO CLASS FEB 14 (Valentine's Day)
7. Feb 21
8. Feb 28
9. Mar 6
10. Mar 13

Saturday Classes are at:
10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm UK / 7pm Europe
11:15 Pacific / 2:15pm Eastern / 7:15pm UK / 8:15pm Europe

Wednesday Classes are at:
4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern / 8am Thursdays in Perth, Australia / 11am in Sydney.

10 participants
(Possibly) 1 professional intern/observer

1. The 10 classes are based on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and ERP (exposure and response prevention). Exposure exercises will be done together in class. They are very gradual and begin with simply words, cartoons, drawings, nauseous people, etc. and we slowly work our way toward videos and sounds.
2. There will be some sharing of experiences, homework, etc. which is entirely voluntary. No one has to share if they don't want to. 
3. You will be given a workbook written by me to use and to keep. Only a few pages at a time will be given to you (so you don't read the last parts and freak out!) 
4. There is homework each week which can be from as little as 10 minutes per day up to 30 minutes per day (5 days per week only). Success in this program is dependent upon attendance at all classes and completion of all homework exercises.
5. We all agree that class content and participants' names are completely confidential. This includes any professional observers or interns.
6. Once you have registered and paid tuition, I will overwhelm you with paperwork! There are many forms, questionnaires and surveys to fill out. Most will be online by December 1/23. Filling out all paperwork before and again after your classes helps me to evaluate my program and ultimately helps me to help others.