Table of Contents – Exposure

Level 1 – Words

Click here for Words

Level 2 – Sentences and Paragraphs

Click here for Sentences

Click here for Paragraphs

Level 3 – Silly Cartoons and Pics of Food

Dog Cartoon
Cat Cartoon
Funny Eggs
Hallowe’en Pumpkin
Pumpkin & Toilet

Level 4 – Drawings and Cartoon Characters

Little unwell dude
Drawing of unwell woman
Medical drawing of how vomit happens
Cartoon man with bulging cheeks
Emoji with vomit in front

Level 5 – CGIs, Sketches, Graphic Comics

CGI of a teenager with drawn-in vomit
Pencil sketch (red) of men in hospital
Comic book shot of young girl vomiting
Comic guy vomiting green

Level 6 – Nauseous people

Man on couch
Nauseous man on bed

Woman with hand over mouth

Woman having hair held back
Woman waiting in bathroom

At this point, clients with children should work on Level 6 in the Kids’ Exposure Resource page – pictures of nauseous kids.

Level 7 – People around toilets

Woman back-to (at toilet)
Woman curled up on floor
Side view kneeling
Side view standing
Girl on toilet with bucket

Level 8 – People after vomiting

Man spitting
Baby after vomiting
Man after vomiting at fair
Man after vomiting water on floor

At this point, clients may work on Level 7 in the Kids’ Exposure Resource page – pictures of just vomit.

Level 9 – Pictures of people vomiting

B/W pic of girl vomiting in hand at a club
Colour pic of girl vomiting in hand at a club
B/W pic of boy vomiting at a table
Colour pic of boy vomiting at a table
Baby vomit
Teen vomits into bowl
Two people vomit in a garage
Young girl vomits into toilet
Man vomits gallon of milk
Man vomits beside bicycle
Little boy vomits
Woman vomits in a bowl at a party
Frat boy vomits in toilet
Carsick man vomits out door
Carsick woman vomits out car window

Level 10 – Videos

Videos begin again with very easy, such as a car engine “vomiting” oil it doesn’t like, baby spit-up, etc. If watching and listening to these is too difficult, try watching with the sound off the first time.

Car engine
Oddbods seasick cartoon
Kitten vomits
Baby spits up
Baby vomits milk
Toddler vomits
Guy vomits milk into garbage can (no sound)
A man travelling vomits water on side of road
Swedish TV Hostess vomits on camera
Tyrone Davies vomits on news desk during interview
New Zealand TV Host vomits on camera
Girl gets carsick outside the car
Little boy vomits during concert
Man gets seasick overboard
Man vomits on the subway
Man projectile vomits at a party
Man vomits in a bag on a plane
Family Guy – when they drink Ipecac

Level 11 – Sounds