April, 2020: My wait times now are very short – about one month, or I may be able to fit you in immediately, depending on your availability. From time to time the list moves quite quickly as people have found other therapists by then.

My practice with TEENS is now closed. Unfortunately I am no longer able to take a waitlist at this time.

I have a short waitlist for CHILDREN now, from ages 8-12, and may be able to fit you in immediately.


My fee for one 50-minute session is $200CAD (approximately $140 USD). Most people see me for 16-20 sessions. For my clients’ best interest, I only agree to see them weekly. At this time I only work from 9-12 noon, Pacific Time, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The rest of my time is spent writing, preparing for speaking engagements, painting furniture or curling.


I have no office space, so regardless of location I only see clients over Skype. I only use Skype to connect with clients, so I don’t accept other contacts on Skype.

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Availability in Pacific Standard Time. These are the only times I see clients.

Once you sign up I will send you a personal email. Then you can email me back with any details of your story that you'd like to share with me.