My practice with CHILDREN and TEENS is now closed. Unfortunately I am no longer able to take a waitlist at this time.


November, 2019: My practice with adults is full, and I have a waitlist of 12-18 months. If you would like to be on this list, please fill out the form below. If this is too long to wait, check my Therapist List or How to Find a Therapist page for local help.


My fee for one 50-minute session is $200CAD (approximately $150 USD). Most people see me for 16-20 sessions. For my clients’ best interest, I only agree to see them weekly. At this time I only work from 9-12 noon, Pacific Time, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The rest of my time is spent writing, preparing for speaking engagements, painting furniture or curling.


I have no office space, so regardless of location I only see clients over Skype. I only use Skype to connect with clients, so I don’t accept other contacts on Skype.

Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Availability in Pacific Standard Time. These are the only times I see clients.