Are you afraid of vomiting or of seeing/hearing someone vomit? Do you experience anxiety or have panic attacks related to the fear of vomiting or norovirus (“stomach flu”)? Do you think about vomiting almost every day and especially when you don’t feel well? A severe fear of vomiting is called EMETOPHOBIA and it is much more common than you think.  6% of women and 1% of men suffer from emetophobia. This means that 23 MILLION people in the United States alone have a fear of vomiting. Why have you never heard of it?  Shame and embarrassment.

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Anna interviews emetophobic people with incredible stories and the therapists who treat them.

Anna Christie, 2020

My name is Anna Christie, and I had a very severe phobia of vomiting for years. I don’t like to use the word “cure” because emetophobia is not a disease. But I am fully recovered thanks to conventional CBT, and I am now a licensed psychotherapist specializing in emetophobia. 

I offer treatment for emetophobia online via Skype, give professional consults, provide free resources to therapists, write, educate and offer guest speaking. My fee per 50-minute session is $200CAD. I see most clients for 16-20 sessions.

As of August 25, 2021 my waitlist is about 3 years long, so my practice is closed for the forseeable future. Please visit my therapist list to find someone in your area who treats emetophobia. I am also no longer taking CHILDREN or ADOLESCENTS into my practice at any time.