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Anna interviews emetophobic people with incredible stories and the therapists who treat them.

Episode 3 How I Freed Myself from Living in my Bathroom Emetophobia Help with Anna Christie

Host: Anna Christie, Psychotherapist and Emetophobia SpecialistAnna Interviews: former emetophobic Lisa Lopez from Chicago, USA. Trigger Warnings: The word “vomit” is written once (below) and spoken a couple of times by me, but mainly Lisa just says “was sick” and doesn’t really tell any stories at all about sickness. We were first supposed to be talking about emetophobia and relationships but as I interviewed Lisa her amazing story came out. She was so terrified of vomiting at one point that she was sleeping in her bathroom and never went out of her house. Now she is married, has a career and can do just about anything. I was blown away by the courage and strength of this young woman who used meditation inspired by Guru Raphael Zernoff as a way to begin her journey out of emetophobia. Opening Quotation: “Listening to and understanding our inner sufferings will resolve most of the problems we encounter.” ~ Thich Nhat HanhIntro Music:  YouTube Audio Library, “Far Away (Sting)” by MK2, used with permission. 
  1. Episode 3 How I Freed Myself from Living in my Bathroom
  2. Episode 2 The Frustrating Search for a Cause
  3. Episode 1 Overcoming Emetophobia: My Story
  4. Season 1 Trailer

Are you afraid of vomiting or of seeing/hearing someone vomit? Do you experience anxiety or have panic attacks related to the fear of vomiting? Do you think about vomiting almost every day and especially when you don’t feel well? The fear of vomiting is called EMETOPHOBIA and it is much more common than you think.  6% of women and 1% of men suffer from a fear of vomiting. This means that 23 MILLION people in the United States alone have a fear of vomiting. 

Why have you never heard of it?  Shame and embarrassment. Emetophobics keep it hidden from everyone and suffer in silence.

Anna Christie, 2020

My name is Anna Christie, and I had a very severe phobia of vomiting for years. I don’t like to use the word “cure” because emetophobia is not a disease. But I am fully recovered thanks to conventional CBT, and I am now a licensed psychotherapist specializing in emetophobia. 

I offer treatment for emetophobia online via Skype, give professional consults, provide free resources to therapists, write, educate and offer guest speaking. My fee per 50-minute session is $200CAD. I see most clients for 16-20 sessions.

As of September 1st, 2020 my waitlist for ADULTS is several months long. Click here to add your name to my waitlist. I am no longer taking CHILDREN or ADOLESCENTS on a waitlist. 

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Can Imagination Be An Emetophobia Treatment?

What if just imagining the threat of vomiting gave you the same fearful feelings as actually doing it? Well, first of all, that sounds pretty scary. We go through enough anxiety from the fear of vomiting without adding to it by imagining it! So it’s not something anyone would do in their spare time. However,… Continue reading →

What is CBT? Does it help Emetophobia?

“CBT” stands for “Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.” This therapy is quite well-known because it’s known as “evidence-based” meaning there is good evidence that it works. It is well-researched as a treatment for both depression and anxiety, including anxiety disorders, phobias and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (“OCD”). Evidence of the effectiveness of CBT is discovered by way of a proper… Continue reading →

Emetophobia and Control

One of the things that I absolutely hated being called, ever, was a “control freak.” For one thing, if I were such a thing (and I don’t think I am) why does it have to have the word “freak” in the expression? Who likes to be called a freak? If someone is insistent on being… Continue reading →

Emetophobia and the fear of sound

Emetophobia is not just the fear of vomiting. It is also the fear of anything to do with vomiting. The sight, the smell, the sound, the contagions. Most of my clients are more afraid of being sick themselves than they are of seeing or hearing other people. But yet, whenever someone in their own house… Continue reading →


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