Do you experience anxiety or have panic attacks related to the fear of vomiting or seeing/hearing someone vomit? This is called emetophobia and it is much more common than you think. One study found that 6% of women and 1% of men suffer from a specific phobia of vomiting. This means that 23 MILLION people in the United States alone have a fear of vomiting. Why have you never heard of it? Because there is so much shame and embarrassment associated with it that emetophobics keep it hidden from everyone and suffer in silence.

Anna Christie, 2019

My name is Anna Christie, and I also had a very severe phobia of vomiting for years. I don’t like to use the word “cure” because emetophobia is not a disease. But I am now fully recovered through very conventional counselling (no quick-fix scams). So I now enjoy a completely anxiety-free life, and you can too. As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (BCACC #6269) with a history of severe emetophobia, I offer a CBT program online via Skype, professional consults, teaching and guest speaking.

If you need help, begin by reading all the information on this site about emetophobia, anxiety and panic, Norovirus and treatment options. Then check out my Therapist List or, if you cannot afford professional help, the Self-Help section.