How to find a therapist

If there are no therapists listed on my “Therapist List” page near you, then you may have to work a bit to find one who treats emetophobia. But don’t despair – there are lots out there. Here is how to find one:

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Begin by entering the nearest urban centre, or city

STEP 3: Filter by the following: “Issues” – Anxiety; “Age” – Adults (or children, or adolescents); “Types of Therapy” – CBT

STEP 4: Filter by anything else that is important to you from the list of filters provided

STEP 5: You will see a list of therapists in your area. Email them all, and ask if they are familiar with, or have treated emetophobia.

Using these criteria, it is very likely you will find a good therapist near you.

To browse therapists in countries other than the USA, click here:

In addition, check out this article by the late Lori Riddle-Walker, emetophobia researcher: